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  1. Bom... estava atrás de informações para ajudar um amigo que quer chipar a X1 dele... como ela usa motor N20, fomos atras do porque a 328 tem mais cavalaria com o mesmo motor... logicamente que sempre fica a duvida: muda só pressão? mudam peças internas? muda muito mais coisa? bom, a unica diferença entre os motores são: pistão ( e logicamente a taxa ) e ECU... e na 320 os pistões andam com 11:1 de taxa contra 10:1 da 328... de resto, até os radiadores são iguais... vamos as fotos...

    Shared N20 2.0 engine components between an F30 320i and F30 328i:
    Cylinder head - PN 11127624778
    Connecting rods - PN 11247624616
    Crankshaft - PN 11212212762
    Intake manifold - PN 11617588126
    Air box - PN 13717597589
    Air filter - PN 13718507320
    Intercooler - PN 17517618809
    Radiator - PN 17117600520
    Throttle body - PN 13547588625
    HPFP - PN 13517584461
    MAF - PN 13627602038
    MEVD 17.2.9 DME/ECU - PN 12148604210
    Exhaust manifold/turbo - PN 11657642469

    Does the pistons not being shared mean the 320i pistons are weaker? Who knows at this point. They have the exact same compression ratio but different part numbers. Interesting that BMW would go to the trouble of changing the pistons but nothing else. Does the N20 320i have a tuning disadvantage to the N20 328i? Not at this stage, check out these dynocharts.

    Here is the 320i N20 stock, yes, weaker than the 328i as it should be as the 320i N20 is rated at 180 horsepower and 200 pound-feet of torque versus 240 horsepower and 255 pound-feet of torque for the 328i N20:

    That is just about another 80 wheel horsepower with just some minor tuning. The F30 328i is not the best tuning value in the BMW lineup, the F30 320i is. Keep in mind pushing the N20 motor beyond Stage II is currently not recommended as there may be a head cracking issue past 331 pound-feet of torque.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: BMW F30 320i N20 turbo 2.0 fstock and modified dyno results from BMS - Full breakdown of 320i and 328i N20 shared components with part numbers started by Sticky View original post

    Agora vem a parte divertida, os pistões: http://www.n54tech.c...=1&d=1372953510