Here is another shot of @michaeljen1201's PTS Brewster Green (non-metallic UNI; 22B) 911 R with over $60K in Porsche Exclusive CXX custom wishes options. Contrasting elegantly against the Brewster Green exterior paint are the deviating painted highlights in Rhodium Silver, found on the main stripes and side stripes with Porsche script in Yellow, the side mirrors (both upper and lower portions), the door handles, and soon, the headlight washers (on their way from Germany as we speak). The wheels are also painted in Brewster Green with Rhodium Silver surrounds, and are complemented by colored Porsche crests for the center locks. The front window triangle (A-pillar trim) is also painted in Brewster Green (vs. the standard unpainted Black). And finally, a detail not captured well in this shot is the front hood painted in deviating Gloss Black. Truly a treat for the eyes. This one will certainly be a keeper for Michael. And yes, adjacent to the R is his Black CGT. Photo courtesy of the owner.

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